IEP Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Special Education Director


This person will serve as the local expert on Special Education policy, procedure, and protocol. This person will coordinate the evaluation process and coordinate the writing, preparation and monitoring of Individualized Educational Programs and Evaluation Team Reports for students. This person will ensure that all evaluation components are appropriate, of high quality, and procedurally correct. Additionally, this person will make administrative and teaching staff aware of accommodations that are to be provided to students.


Bachelor's degree (preferably in Special Education, Psychology, or related field)
Knowledge of, and understanding of, general principles of scientific methodology
Knowledge of, and familiarity with, quantitative measurement principles and methodologies
Ability to generate, record, and maintain information and statistical data
Ability to become familiar with Special Education concepts
Ability to become familiar with Special Education policies and regulations of the Ohio Department of Education, of the United States Department of Education (including Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and No Child Left Behind), and of Summit Academy Management, Inc.
Ability to become familiar with Ohio Department of Education model curriculum and academic content standards
Ability to become familiar with instructional methods and materials that would be applicable to Summit Academy Special Education students
Ability to interact in a professional manner with Summit Academy students
Must be able to maintain confidentiality of student records and school business
Must have strong organizational and communication skills
Proficient in Microsoft Office software and software utilized at Summit Academy
Appropriate criminal records check by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal
Identification and Investigation and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation
Meets all health requirements as mandated by law
Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with all employees


Participates in the application and enrollment process for incoming students
Demonstrates knowledge of Special Education policy, procedure, and protocol
Coordinates the efforts of the Intervention Assistance Team in identifying students requiring Special Education services
Coordinates the efforts of the Intervention Assistance Team in performing Evaluation Team Reports
Coordinates the writing and preparation of students' Individualized Education Plans.
Works with teachers and related service providers on writing collaborative goals for the IEP
Provides administrative and teaching staff accommodations that are to be provided to students.
Makes sure that all necessary paperwork is obtained for Evaluation Team Reports and Individualized Education Plans, that all needed signatures are obtained, that all time deadlines are met, and that all procedural safeguards for students and parents have been followed and are in place
Reviews all evaluation components, IEP goals, and progress reports to make sure that they are of high quality, appropriate, and procedurally correct
Monitors the progress of each IEP student in reaching his or her IEP goals and objectives and reconvenes the team as necessary to make revisions
Keeps Special Education Director abreast of Special Education needs of assigned schools
Serves as a member of the building Administrative Team and performs duties in the building as required (e.g. lunch duty, arrival duty)
Performs other duties on as-needed basis as determined by Special Education Director.

All other responsibilities as set forth by the Chief Communications Officer and CEO.

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